Weather Services

Frosted Earth offer a comprehensive range of weather services to a wide variety of different industries and individuals. Each package can be tailored to your requirements, to include statistical data in addition to past, present and



future weather conditions in locations relevant to the enquiry. Frosted Earth have experience of working closely with:

  • Insurance firms resolving a wide variety of claims
  • Weather data for Legal firms and  Police forces
  • Providing regular short and long term forecasts for agriculture and horticulture
  • Forecasting and weather consultancy for the Media

Forecast & Consulting

Whether you require a short or long term forecast, Frosted Earth can supply a synopsis including data for various purposes. The provision of meteorological data available for a number of localities in the Southeast including photographic material is also possible.

Frosted Earth is able to assist in many more fields requiring weather consultancy than those mentioned above and are happy to investigate new weather enquiries. Individuals or corporations requiring such information are encouraged to contact Frosted Earth.

Frosted Earth work closely with the press and media, and can provide information on current, past and future weather events.

Meteorologist Ian Currie of Frosted Earth has an extensive resume of previous television and radio broadcasts, and is available for weather related discussions - including statistical and factual data.

Ian & the BBC



Notable previous broadcasts include:

  • For many years Ian was Telewest Cable 17 TV's weatherman
  • Presented Weather Watch on BBC Southern Counties and frequently features on BBC stations across the Home Counties
  • Lectured at Somerset House London about the historical London 'Frost Fairs' and featured in programme for BBC Radio Four
  • Appeared on BBC South 'Inside Out Series' describing events such as the ‘Sussex Avalanche of 1836’ and the record -breaking hail of September 1958
  • Featured on 'The One Show' on BBC TV
  • Each month provides a monthly forecast for BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex’s ‘Dig It’ gardening programme
  • Ian featured on Carlton TV 10th Anniversary programme of the great October 1987 gale having successfully forecast it
  • Ian provided information for and took part in the BBC Radio 4 series ‘Strange Weather Days’
  • Ian was a guest on Libby Purvis’s BBC Radio 4 Midweek programme
  • Ian has featured in BBC TV’s well-known and much loved ‘Country File’ programme
  • Ian featured on BBC one’s ‘Wild Weather’ programme in September 2010
  • Ian talked about weather observers on Channel 4’ s Big Breakfast Show and explained about weather forecast on Meridian TV’s ‘Rural rides’ Series

Lectures and Talks

Ian Currie is also available for Weather Talks or Lectures. In 2009 alone he presented over two hundred talks to groups throughout the UK. His knowledge of the weather, including his ability to recall virtually every weather event in the past five hundred years has received much praise from fascinated audiences. His talks cover a broad range of weather related topics, including the following popular titles:

  • Weather Lore-Fact or Fiction?
  • Droughts, deluges and dust-devils
  • The Day it Rained Crabs and Frogs
  • Frosts, Freezes and Fairs
  • Gales, Greenhouses and Global Warming
  • Storms Tempests and Hurricanes
  If your group is interested in booking Ian Currie, or you know someone who may, then please do not hesitate to contact Frosted Earth. Otherwise please see Ian’s ‘Open Talk’ diary to the right to find out any upcoming lectures that are open for the general public to attend.