Thursday 21st February 2019.

 Max 12C  Low 5C.


Cloud- sunny intervals. Mild. 

For the Week ahead from 17th Feb. 2019.

 Although there may be a little light rain at first Monday much of the week ahead will be dry and increasingly mild as high pressure to the east or south-east  and low to the west results in a southerly flow of air over our region. The temperature could be as high as a general 17C by Friday and next Weekend. Perhaps even close to a February record. At night under some clear skies it will be rather chilly though patchy cloud may make some nights a little milder. We will be chasing cloud amounts this week but the trend will be for a warming so very springlike.



We use our years of experience in weather forecasting to give a detailed prognosis of the weather conditions expected throughout the Southeast for up to 72 hours ahead. Also available are long range forecasts for each month of the year.

Ian is available as a consultant for weather related insurance claims, holiday destinations, horticulture, sporting and outside events to name just a few examples


Long Range Forecasting

Frosted Earth offers a comprehensive range of forecasting services specific to a wide variety of different industries and individuals. From providing regular short and long- term forecasts for agriculture and horticulture to forecasting and weather consultancy for insurance companies and solicitors engaged in weather related claims. 

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Forecasts and Observations 

Ian Currie uses his many years of experience in weather forecasting to give a detailed prognosis of the weather conditions expected throughout the Southeast for up to 120 hours ahead though he can provide a forecast for other areas of the UK too. Also obtainable is his long-range prediction for each month of the year.

He is available as a consultant for weather related insurance claims, holiday destinations, horticulture, sporting and outside events to name just a few examples.



Every month we aim to publish monthly averages for our two weather stations, including parameters such as mean max/min temperature, highest max/min, and lowest max/min, number of air frosts, number of ground frosts, snow days, snow cover, fog, thunder and hail. This includes the extreme conditions in the nearby Chipstead Valley. It is notable for its large diurnal temperature ranges with some particularly low night minima. For more information on this site access Frosted Earth via the contact page.

Frosted Earth has a large meteorological library providing detailed historical information and data from many areas of the UK.


On this day

We offer an “On this day” section that provides a rare insight into some of the more momentous past weather events.  Each day of the year has provided some notable historic weather incidents. Updated daily, be sure to check back to see if there was ever snow in June, a destructive tornado in December, cricket ball sized hail in September or 73 consecutive dry days in the spring. It is also possible to view temperature and weather conditions from world cities updated each day. Ian Currie also outlines current interesting events and weather situations in the UK and beyond. 


Bespoke Forecasting

Whether you require a short or long term forecast, Frosted Earth can supply a synopsis including data for various purposes. The provision of meteorological data available for a number of localities in the Southeast including photographic material is also possible. At Frosted Earth we are able to assist in many more fields requiring weather consultancy than those mentioned above and are happy to investigate new weather enquiries. Individuals or corporations requiring such information are encouraged to contact Frosted Earth.