April Colder Than March

April could well turn out across England and Wales colder than March this year. March was the 3rd warmest in the Central England Temperature Series (CET) from 1659 yet April is proving quite frosty and with continuing chilly weather on the cards.  Since 1900 this has happened on 7 occasions, the last being in 1998.

Using the CET Series devised by the late Professor Gordon Manley these are the years.

1903: March 7.1ºC, April 6.4ºC
1936: March 7.1ºC, April 6.3ºC

1938: March 9.1ºC, April 7.6ºC

1957: March 9.2ºC, April 8.9ºC

1989: March 7.5ºC, April 6.6ºC

1990: March 8.3ºC, April 8.0ºC

1998: March 7.9ºC, April 7.7ºC