The Olympics arrive in summery London

All the talk of late has been about the London Olympics and the recent heat wave in the south has an air of déjà vu about it. Back in 1948 when London last hosted the Games July was dull and cool for the first three weeks and then the sun shone with a vengeance and the temperature rocketed to 34C in the day or two centred on the opening ceremony. It reached 35C in Surrey. At night it did not fall below 21C in London.

However the stifling start to the competition did not last and the weather became steadily cooler and more unsettled. Thunderstorms wreaked havoc in Wiltshire around Marlborough.  Some days brought very heavy rain with over 40mm on the 6th August flooding some of the running tracks. In South-east Scotland huge amounts of rain fell in the Tweed valley. At Floors Castle 158mm of rain was measured and the river Tweed rose to 5.2 metres above normal. Forty bridges were swept away in Berwickshire alone. Masses of carcasses of dead animals were washed up on beaches along the North Sea coast. Over 800 square miles experienced more than 100mm of rain.

Taken from Ian Currie's latest article in Garden News