The April 2012 Chill

The temperature on the 16th April 2012 fell to minus 4.9C in the Chipstead Valley in Surrey with similar values at Benson in Oxfordshire. Although very cold for the time of year it has been a lot lower in April and none more so than at Garforth (West Yorkshire) and Perth (Tayside) when on the 24th in 1908 minus 12.8C was recorded. In 1917 on the 1st a bitterly cold minus 15.0C was measured at Newton Rigg ( Cumbria) and even as late as the 29th a reading just short of minus 10C occurred at Eskdalemuir (Dumfries and Galloway) in 1973. April is indeed a fickle month and can produce both summer and winter with the highest value 29.4C during 1949 recorded in London.