Jubilee Weather mirrors the Coronation

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has been very much in the news of late and her Coronation back in June 1953 was a great occasion. It coincided however with a remarkable change in the weather. The last week or so in May had produced stifling temperatures reaching 31.7C in Surrey and London on the 25th. But as the Coronation loomed the wind turned to the north and the temperature plunged. On the day itself, 2nd June, the mercury hardly rose above 9C in many areas with bursts of rain driven on by a brisk northerly breeze. In Birmingham the maximum was only 8C and at Aberdeen 7C.

The crowds lining the route to Westminster Abbey felt colder than Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing who had just conquered Everest. Snow lay on the Pennines. It was not until the last week in June that the weather improved. This year saw the day of the Thames Pageant, the 3rd, almost feeling as cold with the temperature only around 11C with low cloud and drizzle and heavier rain later in the day. Not very pleasant for the countless street parties and other celebratory events. At least the sun came out for the Derby at Epsom which the Queen attended and the temperature reached 19C and some places in the south managed 22C.