Could July 2012 prove to be a record breaking month?

With just half the month now over the amount or rain this July is proving almost record breaking. For instance at Coulsdon only 2007 and 1956 have been wetter since 1918. Rainfall so far this month amounts to 108mm. July recorded 119mm and 1956 132mm. With more rain expected this week July 2012 will edge nearer to the wettest of all, 1918, at 145mm.
June was the wettest at 134mm since 1971 when 135mm was measured and if we combine both June and July so far the total  of 242mm has occurred only half way through the summer and is 52 per cent above the entire average summer rainfall.
Sunshine is so far at a record low for 6 weeks of summer with June having 60 hours less sun than March this year even though the latter has on average 6 hours less daylight per day than June.
June was the coldest since 1991 so all in all a very inauspicious summer but some very warm weather is possible next week.