Ian Currie in Print

Ian has written or co-authored many different books, the majority of which revolve around the subject we all know and cherish - the weather.

From the best-selling "London in the Hurricane", an account of the 1987 storm which ravaged the capital, to "Red Sky At Night" - a compilation of weather sayings for all seasons, to county weather books detailing the history of weather in many of counties countrywide.

He has also been responsible for compiling the Michelin “I-Spy Weather” book as well as various publications such as the co-author for “Surrey In The Sixties” and “Surrey In The Seventies”.
  Most recently, his book “Frost Freezes and Fairs” captures the enthralling weather event of yesteryear - fairs on the frozen Thames and chronicles the harsh winters of Britain since 1000AD.

Ian is also responsible for Weathereye Magazine, a publication for all those interested in the weather. Unlike complex scientific journals, Weathereye is accessible to everyone for a small subscription fee. Each issue features fascinating weather related articles from around the world, as well as competitions, readers correspondence, historic pieces and spectacular photography.

Weather eye Magazine

Frosted Earth publishes Weather eye magazine edited by Ian Currie. If you have ever marvelled at a spectacular sunset Weather eye is for you.  If you have set up a thermometer or rain gauge in the garden or regularly tune into a TV or radio weather forecast then Weather eye will keep you absorbed in an enthralling subject- our Weather.

Weather eye explains in a non technical format many of the meteorological phenomena you are likely to see and some that are more rare from sun pillars to tornadoes, blue moons to fall streak holes. When the elements are in spectacular mood  be it a spectacular thunderstorm or blinding snowstorm Weather eye is there to capture the event.

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 Weather Photography

Ian Currie has a wealth of experience in the field of weather photography. We are currently developing an online gallery, where customers will be able to view and purchase digital images as well as framed copies of many Frosted Earth photographs. pub11.png


Ian Currie has written or co-written over twenty books-some published by Frosted Earth and most pertaining to the weather. Select one from the list below or simply scroll down to browse.

  Coming soon, the Frosted Earth Shop, where you can currently buy many of Ian’s books, personally signed by the author himself, online via Paypal.

The Surrey Weather Book

The Weather is never out of the news for long. Whether it is drought, heat waves, floods or snowstorms; we are often a nation of contrasts. The County Weather Book series provides a detailed insight into the history of weather within our beloved counties. ISBN 0-9516710-6-5 124 pages, Price £12.95.

Surrey in the Sixties

This book is packed with more than 150 photographs of life in Surrey in the "swinging" sixties. Flick through the pages and find stories and photos of Kingston, Richmond, Dorking, Leatherhead and Guildford during that memorable decade. There's trolleybuses, bubble cars, bouffant hair styles and even a picture of the Rolling Stones playing one of their first gigs at Richmond before they were famous. One picture shows George Harrison's wedding at Epsom in 1966.

Surrey in the Hurricane

An account of how the county of Surrey suffered terrible devastation by the destructive force of the storm that blew in from the sea in the early hours of October 16 1987. The book is illustrated by many photographs and personal anecdotes.